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Transformation Coaching

Definition of Coaching in my practice…

  1. The intention is to help you engage action in the present moment in order to achieve an intended outcome in the near future. 
  2. My experience as a psychotherapist and as a healing intuitive informs my coaching and consulting. It gives me added insight to help you reframe issues and shift your perspective so you can make the changes and accomplish the outcomes you desire.
  3. While we often incorporate healing, release, and resource integration in Transformation Coaching, these areas of focus allow us to release what is preventing, out of alignment, or missing from your Self-Identity (automated perceptions, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, habits, and patterns, actions and expectations) foundation so you can move forward and achieve your results.
  4. What is the difference between Transformation Coaching and Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on the past as well as healing mental illness and mental disorders. Psychotherapy is appropriate if you feel stuck in past experiences and are unable to focus on your future.

Transformation Coaching focuses on helping you to create and achieve the visions and goals you have for your life. If there are aspects of yourself that require healing or transformation in order for you to move forward in the achievement of your vision and goals, these are addressed and resolved as a part of the Healing & Transformation Coaching process.

*If you are not sure whether you would benefit from coaching or psychotherapy, I recommend scheduling a complimentary telephone consultation with me where we can discuss your goals and visions and what method would be the most beneficial for you. Just fill out the form below.

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