#74: 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs End Up Having to Get a Job and What You Can Do to Succeed

Jun 15, 2017

If you are an Entrepreneur, studies show that you have a heightened intuition. When used effectively your intuition can be an amazing resource for making the right decisions that establish, expand, and accelerate the success of your business. These are gut level decisions that come in a flash. 

When these moments of inspiration are acted upon, research shows these decisions tend to be effective and lead to better and more desirable outcomes.

Unfortunately, most Entrepreneurs were taught growing up to, “weigh the pros and cons”, “Sleep on it”, and “mull things over.”

This results in less than resourceful decisions and can hamper their progress and success.

Very few hear the encouraging words, “follow your heart,” “listen to your intuition,” or “if it feels good, go for it.”

Yet, Branson and Buffet both talk openly about their use of intuition as a core process in making decisions and achieving desirable results from their ventures.

So, what’s the solution? How do you effectively follow your heart without losing your shirt?

I have the pleasure of working with 5,000 (and counting) entrepreneurs and businesses globally. I have found there are 3 reasons they end up struggling and some fairly simple, but powerful adjustments that help them to establish, grow and accelerate the success of their business.

Here are 3 reasons Entrepreneurs end up having to go get a job and what you can do to succeed.

Reason 1: Too much thinking!

Studies like those done at Columbia University and University of New South Wales are showing us that the more you think about something the worse your decisions become.

So, what’s the solution? How do you put a plan together and take action?

From the moment, you have an inspired idea you have 33 milliseconds to 14 seconds to take action before your old story, paradigm and programming talks you right out of your new idea.

Most people are under the illusion that those who are successful enjoy the process of creating success. The reality is that what they enjoy and place their attention on is the outcome and the desired results. That’s where the feel good happens.

Let go of having to feel like you want to. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t. Very few people do.

Allow yourself to tap into what is called Self-Efficacy, which is your belief in your ability to deliver the product, program or service in which you are trained. You don’t have to believe in yourself, just your ability to figure it out (eventually), or the effectiveness of your product or service. Next, dig deep, harness your courage and GO. Take action! 

Another key point is that you will do better by letting yourself off the hook for having to do whatever it is that you are doing perfectly. 

Heck, let yourself off the hook for even having to do it well at first. Just do it. The more you follow the inspiration of your heart, the more experience you will gain and the better you’ll get at everything you’re doing.

Think of it this way. When you were learning to walk, you didn’t sign up for a race right away and you certainly fell down 100’s of times. Yet, you never told yourself, “I’m not very good at this. I don’t think walking is for me.” No, you just got back up and applied what you now understood better. You kept getting up.

The one that learns to walk is the one that keeps getting up. That’s true for Entrepreneurs. You got to keep getting up!

It is also important to structure your business environment so you have the right pressures and not the wrong ones that will crush and kill your business. I know that’s an intense statement, but it’s really important.

Let’s talk more about it.

Reason 2: They don’t give themselves enough space to let their passion and purpose take root, expand and grow.

How many tire swings have you hung on a seedling tree that was just sprouting? None – right.

How many races did you enter and run right after learning to walk? None!

And that doesn’t mean that you failed. To call either one of these scenarios failures is ludicrous.

You wouldn’t hang a tire swing on a seedling because it wouldn’t be able to handle the weight and pressure at that moment in its development. It would get crushed. It doesn’t mean that you can’t hang a tire swing on it, you just need to apply the pressure when the structure is established enough to handle it.

You didn’t enter the race because you didn’t want to get hurt. Your parents didn’t enter you in the race, because it would have been called abuse. Yet, here you are as an entrepreneur trying to race the best right out of the gates. Don’t you think that’s interesting? It’s important to be clear that success doesn’t require injury.

I know, once you’re certified and trained it can feel like the pressures on. During your training certification, event, or graduation you heard from those who succeeded and accomplished great outcomes fast. You know…those people that earned 150,000 if 3 hours just after being licensed or certified. They were brought up on stage, gave a speech and told you, that you could do it to.

Now you’re a professional so shouldn’t you hit the ground running and become the #1 person in your field?

Yes, you should hit the ground running. Yes, you should engage your passion. Yes, you should do what you’ve been dreaming of.

And NO, you don’t need to try to do or out-do the person who was on the stage.

Why? Because money, fame, significance, and attention were not the things that probably led you to the training. It was your passion. It was your heart and not your ego. 

Remember your passion? It matters! It’s what inspired you. It’s what made you feel incredibly energized and enthusiastic!

At the time of certification, it is the time to play in your passion. Engage it! Explore your passion. Get to know your passion as a professional that can now deliver the program, product or service that you are so inspired about.

I know…you have a little voice inside that says, “Yes, but I need to earn money.”

Reason 3: They don’t understand their value so they don’t know what to charge.

As a part of most trainings there is a section, which focuses on the business building aspects of the product, program or service you are receiving your certification, training or license in.

During this training, they tell you what to believe, think and do in regard to selling.

The issue with this is the system they are teaching you is based on those whose results are not typical. They are also likely out dated.

The key is people don’t buy what you are selling, they buy the solution, prevention, or resource what your selling offers. They buy what matters to them.

To understand the value of selling a few things are critical.

First, you need to understand and connect with the value of your product, service or program yourself. Why are you doing this work? What led you to want to do this? Why does this matter to you? How is this an expression of who you are? First, let it be all about you.

As an example, if you are a photographer, why do you feel inspired when you are photographing someone or something? How does it feel to be a photographer? What do you love? What is the part of you that lights up every time you have your camera in your hand?

The only way you will understand the value and impact of what you are doing in your own life is to do it. You also will benefit by taking action with as little pressure on yourself as possible. 

When you are first getting started take as much pressure off yourself as possible. This will help your passion keep the lead rather than allowing desperation, competition and the need for money to take over.

Let go of having to charge the fees you were told you should during your professional training. Charge the fees you feel comfortable with and feel like are easy for those you serve to say yes to.

With the "fee barrier" lowered or as close to eliminated as you can get, you can dive into your passion.

Exploring your passion and developing a relationship with it yourself first is a must!

Let me share with you why.

When you understand the value of your passion personally, it will help you to better connect, attend and listen to the needs of your customers and clients, which is critical to the ability to successfully sell.

Once your relationship with passion is established you can focus more on your clients and customers. What are their needs, solutions, resources, and experiences they are seeking?

How does your program, product or service impact their lives? What happens for them as a result of working with you? What happens for them if they don’t work with you? What can you do for them that is unique to you and a result of your passion?

You’ll be able to have an authentic conversation where you’re able to tend to their needs, listen to them and offer your services in a way that really matters to and for them.

No two people will ever buy or be sold in the same way. Your ability to tune into the value of your services and listen specifically to what they need and what matters to them will result in a joyful sales process.

People are attracted to what feels good and let’s be really honest…passion feels good. It feels good to connect with someone who is passionate and feels the value of what they are doing for themselves and others.

Money isn’t attractive – it’s desperate.

Passion combined with clear value is amazingly attractive! It’s magnetic!

As you understand and strengthen your relationship with your passion and the program, product or service you provide, your fee's will go up.

Don't worry - you will give yourself raises along the way and it will be fun!

As your understanding, relationship and ability to do what you are so passionate about goes up...so will your fees.

That's guaranteed!

And...it will feel good!

If you are already in business, just getting ready to launch, or ready to open a new arm of your business I invite you to attend my free training.

You may have guessed; my passion is your success so I hope you’ll join me. There are limited seats and it will fill up fast so click the link and claim your seat now.

To your joyful success!


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