Episode #76: "How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur - 5 Changes that Will Rapidly Increase Your Success."

Jul 07, 2017

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In this episode's free notes you will learn more about what is blocking or limiting your business and how making these 5 simple changes will unlock your success and accelerate your results.

Change #1 – Stop trying to figure out what people want to buy. Instead provide and sell what you love.

Change #2 – Stop trying to sell to everyone. Know who you serve and focus on them.

Change #3 – Stop being busy and start being effective. Set your schedule using a system that produces the most return on your time investment.

Change #4 – Develop a relationship with “No” and “Yes.” Be intentional with what you invest your time, efforts and energy in.

Change #5 – Go where others are thriving. Stop attending Networking Meetings!




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