The first is anxiety may be that you are experiencing a state of scared. Now scared means that there is an actual threat, a threat that needs to be addressed. So if we use a very cliche type metaphor of a lion or a tiger, the tiger is there, the tiger is pacing, and is starting to look like it may attack. So in that situation where you are experiencing the feeling of anxiety, you are activating in fight or flight. And you're either going to want to go at that threat or get away from it. Download the Full Transcription for Free Here.



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0:00 Introduction

2:00 Anxiety is actually 5 types of experiences

2:44 Heart is an intuitive organ

3:02 Heart communicates with your brain

4:52 Why it is important to address what is threatening you

5:19 Fear and Anxiety

6:17 Fright Mechanisms: Biological wired response

7:52 Behaviour modification: NASA discovery

10:32 Anxiety and Preparation

13:30 Embrace your self preparation

13:50 Anxiety and Boundaries

15:30 Asserting your boundaries

17:02 Anxiety and feedback from your body-mind

18:33 Anxiety and Trauma

20:18 Healing Support

20:41 EMDR Tool for Trauma

23:32 Anxiety as a messenger



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