Part 1: Why Do You Think What You Do.


We are always thinking. Oftentimes we are unaware of our thoughts. On average each of us thinks between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts each day. Out of these thoughts, an average of 66,500 of them are the same pattern and thought we had yesterday and the day before that. 

This means that out of all the thoughts you think throughout your day, only 5% of your thoughts are new and being formulated in the present time. All of your other thoughts, all 95% of them, are patterns established in your subconscious when you were a child. 

Thoughts are electrical currents that you can measure with electroencephalography or an EEG. Each thought has its own frequency and acts as a way to focus the electrical current (energy) of you. Thoughts direct the attention of the mind or where the mind focuses. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: “Where the mind goes, energy flows.” 

Given that 95% of your thoughts are patterns, it is important that you realize that your thoughts are not actually in response to your present experiences. Instead, your experiences are triggering patterns and systems that are stored at the subconscious level of your mind. These patterns and systems key into certain criteria in your experiences and then activate a sequence of sensory perception, belief, thought, feeling, and action programmed in the subconscious that applies to the aspects of that experience. 

These patterns and systems are developed early in your life. We’ll go into the details of how these are formulated in our next chapter. For now, it’s important to realize these patterns are not designed to limit you or hold you back, even though they may be keeping you feeling stuck, in a rut, or unable to make changes in your life. They are actually designed to help you get through life, survive, and have your basic needs met. 

Thinking triggers an emotional response, however, oftentimes these thoughts occur so rapidly and automatically that they are outside of your conscious awareness. Emotion is a word we assign to describe the energy you have that is activated and in motion within you. Ultimately as a human being, you have two basic emotions. The first is “Good,” which your organism reads as “Life.” The second is “Bad,” which your organism reads as “Death.” You give them other, more detailed, labels such as sad, happy, excited, scared, and so on.  



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