Part 3: What’s Motivating Your Actions?

Your thoughts direct your energy and activate emotions, which come together and are experienced in the body as a feeling. Feelings immediately engage in action. Actions are also part of this early life encoded pattern. The actions you take will produce the results that either meet your needs or help you continue to survive. 

When you want to make a change, you usually start focusing on your actions. You make a plan to change your behaviors. These plans are how you engage that 5% of your conscious mind in your day. Let’s face it. The plan is probably a good one. The challenge is that during 95% of your day you aren’t consciously engaged; you are on subconscious directed autopilot.

What is important to realize is your subconscious is doing trillions of things that you are not consciously aware of in every moment. It’s running more systems than you can imagine. It’s pumping your heart through your body. It’s making sure that all of the chemical processes and exchanges occur when they need to. It’s making sure you continue to breathe even when you’re not consciously thinking about or directing it. It even closes your eyelids if something is coming at your eyeball so your eye is safe and protected, which is something that happens faster than what you could successfully control if you’re trying to intentionally do it. 

The important aspect of this is realizing that your subconscious is doing all that it can with these automated systems and programs to take good care of you. It’s running the best-automated systems it has for you. This doesn’t mean that these systems help you to achieve your desires or feel like you are thriving in life. Sometimes these systems include pain and struggle, but at a casual level, they're still protecting you from something even if it doesn’t consciously make sense. While you’re wanting one system that governs a particular aspect of yourself or your life to change, you don’t realize that these systems are all coordinated so it may require several systems to be adjusted. At a conscious level may not be apparent to you. Your subconscious is amazingly sophisticated. It is the most intelligent supercomputer ever created. It is consistently doing trillions of things simultaneously to keep you in your current state because at a fundamental level, it is working, you’re surviving, and your basic needs are met.

Remember these automated patterns and systems that are helping you be you and function in your life were formulated in early childhood so if you want to make a change, you need to access these early life patterns and systems that make you, you. The ones that are governing your sensory perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you change the pattern or system, you change what you perceive, what you think, what you feel, and what you do. When you change the system all of these don’t have to be manually changed. It’s the changing of the system that will change these components of it. When you change the system you effectively change the outcome the system produces.Have you ever wondered why someone else can have what you want, but no matter how many times you try, it doesn’t seem to happen for you? It’s not because they’re better, good enough, worthy, or more capable. It’s because their system is different than yours. It’s because their system is encoded to that outcome. It’s part of who they are. It’s like their pulse, breathing, or blinking to their subconscious. So, their subconscious can’t help but align all that makes it their reality. 

Although your subconscious was encoded as a child, it isn’t limited there. It can be changed. Yes, it can be done. I’ve been helping people successfully rewire, rewrite, and reprogram their subconscious for over 20 years! It’s actually how you are designed and it’s more simple than you might think. 


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